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Traffic Violations

Colorado Springs Traffic Violations Defense Attorney

Traffic Violations in Colorado

It is not “just” a speeding ticket, and it is far more than a hit-and-run, or careless or reckless driving ticket — traffic tickets can mean hundreds and thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, and increased insurance costs. While a single traffic ticket can raise your insurance rates and make you a target for police, several traffic violations can result in the suspension of your driver’s license and potentially habitual traffic offender (HTO) status.

A major traffic violation conviction may result in driver’s license suspension or revocation, fines, mandatory classes and/or jail time. Considering these very real consequences for traffic violations, you should contact an experienced traffic defense attorney as soon as possible.

Attorney, Andrew Bryant provides traffic violations defense to people in El Paso County, Douglas County, and Teller County, includes both felony and misdemeanor traffic offenses such as:

  • Colorado Springs Traffic Violation AttorneyDUI/DWAI Charges
  • Felony DUI
  • Vehicular Assault
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Speeding tickets
  • Careless/Reckless Driving Citations
  • Driving Under Revocation (DUR)
  • Driving Under Suspension
  • Habitual Traffic Offender Citations
  • Hit-and-run
  • Failure to Report an Accident
  • Failure to Stay at the Scene of an Accident
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving with No Insurance
  • Driving without a license
  • Child restraint/seat belt violations

Under Colorado’s points system, an adult over 21 years old will lose their license for at least one year if they accumulate 12 points over 12 months or 18 points over 24 months.  For drivers under 21, automatic license suspension occurs with even fewer points. At any age, several minor traffic tickets that seem inconsequential at that instant can add up, marking a driver as a habitual traffic offender (HTO status) and resulting in a five-year license suspension.

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